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    Question a Chinese student's composition

    Nice to meet everyone here! I've been here for the first time. I think i can learn from others and do something for others. The following is a composition written by a Chinese student, who is in Grade one in a senior
    school. I wonder whether his composition is written very well and how to improve his composition, so i post it here for your warmful help. Thanks!

    Recently we held a class meeting to discuss what is considered to be honorable behavior and what is shameful. To be frank, some students donít respect their teachers and parents. Some donít take their studies seriously and cheat in exams. Still, some litter around, making their school dirty.
    We think it honorable to obey the law and rules and care much about our class. It is also worthy of praise to study hard. We have been grown-ups, so we should take the responsibility for everything we do. On the other hand, it is shameful to break school regulations or to make little effort to achieve success.
    I think we should do something to improve the present situation. Firstly, we should set ourselves a goal and work hard to achieve it. Secondly, we should respect others and think more of them than of ourselves. In addition, we should try to keep our environment clean.

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    Re: a Chinese student's composition

    Omit "around" in the phrase "litter around" which is wrong.

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