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    When to use "Say", "Ask" and "Tell"


    When to use "Say", "Ask" and "Tell". Please explain along with examples. Thanks

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    Re: When to use "Say", "Ask" and "Tell"

    Say something (to someone)
    She said "hello" (to him)
    He says the book is in the cupboard.

    Ask someone something
    Ask him where the book is.
    The teacher asked her to read the passage.

    Tell someone something
    She told me to study harder.
    I told her to stop worrying.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: When to use "Say", "Ask" and "Tell"

    I’m not a teacher.

    Hi bhanu,

    There are a few words concerning the matter in question:

    to say = to utter, to state, to speak, to declare, to respond to. The indirect object is always precedes by to.
    I’ve nothing to say to you.
    He said that he was ill.
    I cannot say.
    She said a few words to us.
    What did they say about our offer?
    What can you say for yourself?
    What do you say to the charges?
    The instructions say to take one tablet every morning.
    They said to us that they would be late.
    She did not say when our next meeting would be.
    To say something in jest.
    To say something under one’s breath.

    to tell = to relate, to communicate, to affect, to order, to be certain, to give information, an account of something. The indirect object, if placed immediately after tell, is not introduced by to.
    Never use a that-sentence immediately aftyer tell.
    Tell me what he said.
    He told me his reasons.
    She told me the truth.
    She told the news to everyone.
    She told everyone the news.
    He told me his name.
    She told them a story.
    You can never tell about people like that.
    He didn’t want to tell about the incident.
    Tell me about the game; she told everyone of her success.
    Can you tell anything from a quick examination?
    Can you tell one twin from another.
    He told on her whwn the teacher returned.
    I’m going to tell my father on you.
    The strain was beginning to tell on her.
    She told me to leave.
    WE told them that we woulkd be late 10.
    Tell me how to get there.
    Can you tell from a quick examination where his injuries are?
    to tell the old, old story (=either, propaganda, or, some deceifulapproach, perhaps to a girl);
    there is no telling (= it is difficult to predict)

    to ask = to inquire, to request, to invite, to pose
    They asked me about my work.
    He asked about her mother.
    She asked me politely for the book.
    The guest asked for the manager.
    I have a favor to ask of you.
    He is asking a great deal of us.
    She saked to be excused.
    We asked to see him.
    She asked us to come to the concert.
    The family asked that the story should not be printed.
    He asked her a question.
    He asked a question of her.
    He asked his son point-blank where he was going.
    She asked wistfully how she might help.



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