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Thread: Undergo

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    I have a clarification, please clarify it for me.
    Where and how can we use "Undergo".
    what is the exact meaning of this function?
    "Software will definitely undergo change once it is delivered to the customer? ......... what does it mean?
    And How many ways we can use Undergo?

    Please let me understand.

    It would be better if you could give some some examples in this regard.
    Please correct me If i am wrong, I appreciate your help.
    Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: Undergo

    It's often used by writers who want to throw in a few extra syllables to add to the fog:
    'software will be/get changed'/'users will change'. Such writers are even more satisfied when it gets inflected, which makes it harder to look up in a dictionary ('underwent', 'undergone' ...): 'The vessel is undergoing renovations' rather than 'We are renovating the ship'. (Not my favourite word - )


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    Re: Undergo

    'undergo' means to experience or be subjected to something, typically something unpleasant or painful.
    So - a store is no longer 'being refurbished', but - and don't your heart just go out to it, your thoughts and prayers, as it is 'undergoing refurbishment'.

    Save it for 'undergoing surgery' - though even there, it's as if people use it only to show they are so fully aware of the risks and so the 'gravity' of the situation. Part of the Political Correctness of Solemn Occasions.

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