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    Talking Proper wording

    In the picture bellow, I'm looking for the proper wording for the item category title. It is from a game and it refers to the calls that will be availabe in this area. Since this is in the development stages we would like to know if Callers is correct or if Calls is the correct one?

    The area above the red line is what is in question. The only definition I can find for callers is a plural of people some thing doing the calling. Any help you can give us is greatly appreciated!! It's been a long time since I was in school (39 years) so I'm really rusty!!

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    Re: Proper wording

    I see you have things like 'duck caller'. I have seen them using this device on TV, blow it and it makes a silly duck noise that attracts the ducks to hunt. Never heard of deer callers or turkey callers though.

    I would just stick with 'lures' as the category for these items.

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    Re: Proper wording

    That would be the easiest solution, but lures and calls are two different things, they do go under the same category but are not the same. The hard part here is to identify what could be in this category. In the future there will be things like Doe in heat estrus (a lure) that will expand out to a number of different animals. So we do need to have the calls in there.

    The word caller refers to a person who is using the call, according to the definition and not the call it self.
    Thanks for your reply

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    Re: Proper wording

    So no one else have any ideas??

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