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    How you have ben/bin ?

    I need a clarification, please clarify it for me.
    some time back I encounterd a situation that I went for vacation for long time and I came back to the office, My boss asked me like "How you have ben/bin the weekend" ?
    I thoght that he was asking about How you enjoyed weekend?/How was your weekend? and I replied " yeh..... It was good".
    After some time I tried to recollect the sentence what he said and It seems like How you have ben/bin the weekend" ?
    I am not sure whether it is ben or bin but i supposed that Benfit.
    I would like to know "what is the right word that he used"?
    I Hope you understand my intention about the query?

    Is this sentence structure is correct?
    It would be better if you could give some some examples in this regard.
    Please correct me If i am wrong, I appreciate your help.
    Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: How you have ben/bin ?

    He must have asked you, "How have you been?"

    It's been, not ben or bin.

    "How have you been the weekend?". This sentence doesn't make sense to me.

    He might have said, "Where have you been this weekend?"

    PS: I am neither a teacher nor a native speaker.


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