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    "The she" is possible?

    I found something hard to understand. Of course some outlining meanings can be understood. But I hope you to give me more detailed explanation about sentences presented below.

    These are all come from Shakespeare in Love's script.

    1. The She holds up Wessex's purse.
    -I think The should be corrected to "Then". Am I right?

    2. Wessex: Indeed I am a bride short.
    -Is this mean "I've lost my bride"?

    3. Viola: It was we ourselves did that. And for my life to come I would not have it otherwise.
    -I think this overall meaning is Viola would be the same as she is now. But could you give me some grammartical tips about this sentence?

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    Smile Re: "The she" is possible?


    You must first understand that "Shakespearean" English is sometimes gramatically different from modern English.

    1. In the first sentence I think you are correct: "The" should be "Then".

    2. You've got the right meaning of this sentence correct: Wessex is saying he's lost his wife.

    3. A clearer way to state these sentences (in my opinion) would be:
    "It was us that did that. And even in another life I would do the same."
    Really the only thing gramatically wrong in these sentences is the "we ourselves" because there is no need for this repetition. Either word should be used, but not both.

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