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    some prepositions

    Are they correct ?

    . a lot of employees have been fired from that company in the last two months

    . You would have gone to the hospital if that taxi driver had run you over.

    . Before winning the lottery, she hadnīt thought of moving from the beach.

    . When I ran out of money last weekend I nearly went crazy.

    . Those children should be punished for scratching their fatherīs car.

    . I could be fined for leaving my car in front of that bank.

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    Re: some prepositions

    The correct prepositions have been used, though (i) needs clarifying.

    A person is fired from a job, and fired by a boss. So, in (i), it is 'fired from (their job with) the company; or if the company is seen purely as an employer, then, 'fired by the company'.

    'fired from' is more likely to be said by someone who also works in the company and still has his job: "Yuu can get fired from this company if you ..."
    "My husband was fired by the company for..."
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