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could you please check it and see if i am doing it right and on the right path?

if not please help me understand to correct my mistakes..any tips/ideas/help..much appreciated.

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A. Correcting student mistakes.
Each of the following sentences contains a mistake. For each one:
- underline the mistake
- write the correct version
- write the explanation you would give to a student for the correction.

1.I need some advices.
I need some advice.
Explain that advise is when you have a problem and you go and ask someone what they think you should do.
So you are asking them for advise.
There is no such word as advises.

2.I am watching T.V. every night.
- I watch tv every night.

Using the word watching is used in the present tense. So you are doing this now.
Are you watching tv now? In the classroom?
When do you watch tv?
The words every night . Means you are watching tv every night.
So if I ask:
Do you watch tv every night ?

3.A: Have you seen John recently?
B: Yes, I have seen him last week.

B. Yes, I saw him last week.

- seen is used in the past tense. The correct word is saw.
Last week is something in the past.

4.A: Morning, what can I get you?
B: I wonder if you would mind giving me a packet of Benson & Hedges.

B. Would you mind giving me a packet of Benson & Hedges.

5.I not come to college everyday. I only come on Mondays and Fridays.
I don't come to college everday. I only come on Mondays and Fridays.