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    Question Urgent !!! Grammar in the sentences?

    Once again I need your help....kindly check the grammatical mistakes in the following sentences and summary. It's my assignment and I am supposed to submit it asap...

    Ques: Grammatical mistakes in the following sentences and summary

    1 Leah Betts died because of drinking too much OF water.
    2 Mark Hennessy was over-dosed because of MDMA
    3 The writer started going to Heaven,London’s gay club in late 80s
    4 Professor Nutt was often quoted for his comparing of ecstacy with dance
    5 The writer had passed by 17 years in rehabilitation unit.
    6 Pet Shop Boys hadn’t provided the soundtrack to the writer.
    7 Later, writer was moved to Guy's hospital because all of his vital organs packed up.
    8 Writer’s friend took her to hospital in her car

    The writer talked about his past and his passion for dance. He had gone at such an extent for dancing that he could not able to stop himself even taking drugs; just to acquire a complete pleasure for dancing of which he called ecstasy. But time never remains the same, a tragedy took place and an enthusiastic dancing guy of London became paralysed/bed-ridden because of the selfish pleasure of dancing. He was kept under treatment for prolonged period of time .He himself couldn’t recall properly what had actually happened to him, except the fact that he was over-dosed. Not just him but his mum, brother and friends had also suffered. Sadly, he was also transferred from walk to wheel-chairs. His extremity of selfish pleasure had ruined/ changed his life forever.


    Ques: Grammatical mistakes in the following sentences

    The writer first time saw her performance in a pub, in Kentish Town in north London.

    Adele’s debut album released when she was 19.

    Unlike other artists, Adele has always looked less bothered about hype.

    Before resuming her work for the second album Adele will go for date.

    Adele’s mother went upstairs to tell the news of her nomination in the neighbourhood.

    Adele couldn’t bear to be without Alex Sturrock.

    Adele is the first British pop star, who gets Grammy.

    Adele’s apparel was designed by Anna Wintour.

    Sarah Palin met Adele during her live perfomance in October.

    Prior to her career, Adele used to sing in a pub.

    Duffy and Leona are Adele’s old friends.

    Winehouse and Allen used to provoke paparazzi.

    Ques: Are these phrases correct??

    Debutante’s Grammy

    Adele’s success

    An Opened- eye dream

    Brit victory of US
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    Re: Urgent !!! Grammar in the sentences?

    I haven't received any reply yet!!!!!!!!!!

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