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    I need to teach the irregular past simple and I am quite baffled. Is there any way that students know when to use it or shall I just give them a list of the irregular verbs and explain to them that these are different? How has it been taught in the past? PLease let me know. Thanks so much!



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    Re: irregular past simple

    I hope you will register so we know which "guest' we are talking to.

    There is a difference between the Present tense form of a verb and the Simple Past tense form - I sit, I sat : different so we know which tense the person is using, whether the person is talking about something that has happened in the past, or is happening now!; - and verbs that we call 'irregular verbs'.

    If you look at the left hand column of this site, you will see a list, and at the bottom, "Irregular Verbs". Click on that.

    Keep posting and we will all help you with this.

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