Describe briefly your reasons for wanting to teach giving the relevance of your previous education and experience, including teaching, visits to schools and other work with young people.

Teaching appeals to me not only as a career, but also as a goal, which I like to achieve in my life. I consider myself as a type of individual who likes helping young people to learn and achieve their maximum potential in life.
I recall back to my first experience of working in a Primary School, I shadowed an experienced teacher with a Junior Infants Class, who in turn let me assist with the activities of the class. During this I was able to help assist the children make a connection with the alphabet by putting into groups called “Families” which clearly made the children visualise the direction of each letter.
I really enjoyed seeing the children being able to develop their own oral and written skills, this is when it became more clear, that teaching is a goal which I want to achieve.
My experience helped me to identify that I have good listening and communication skills which is a vital part of teaching, it also help to work independently and also as a team. Taking a reading lesson showed me how to engage the children attention by incorporating Drama, Mathematics and English while at the same time having a sense of humour and been enthusiastic. At the end of the story, I listened to each child as they talked about the part of the story, which they most enjoyed. This made me laugh with joy as I instantly saw a positive outcome on how to incorporate different methods to encourage the group to focus. I learnt how to keep the children’s attention while making the information interesting and accessible to them. Another technique which I used in the classroom was to get the person holding the Teddy Bear to tell a story which gave the child encouragement and confidence to speak to a large group and also encouraged to children the skill to listen to others.
Each day I attended the Primary School there was a new challenge, as new faces and personalities were emerging which was a very interesting learning curve.
In 2001-2005, I completed my Degree in Business and Human Resource Management, which consisted of Planning, Recruitment Selection, Training, Development and Performance. I have gained a high level of knowledge and skills whilst completing my Degree, which can be incorporated into the Teaching Practice. Over the last 3 years in the Business Sector, it has given me confidence and experience to work with a wider range of people. Recently I was promoted to a more Senior Level where I put a large emphasis on teamwork and good communications.
During 2007-2008, I migrated to Australia, this experience gave me the opportunity to integrate and work with a diverse range of cultures and nationalities. I have made lifetime friends from this trip away. This has given me a wide range of experience and I would be able to share the experience of working environment and of my travels in a classroom environment. My computer skills would be a great asset to the classroom and would be invaluable skill for the future. Music is also a passion of mine, I have been playing the recorder since Primary School and I have also taken part in various musicals and plays.
During my travels in Australia and South East Asia, I have experienced how these cultures’s live and work and seen some amazing places, which I know children would find these adventures fascinating.
Sport is also another hobby of mine; I have been part of the Camogie Team since Primary School and also trained and took part in various regional games, this encouraged teamwork and the passion of the game. At present I am completing a National Diploma in Child Psychology, this covers psychological development of the child and the areas it includes are language, thinking and socialisation, I feel this will be very relevant to the teaching profession and I would hope that this would help me considerably in the classroom.

I realise that the career which I would like to undertake would involve dedication, passion and much more and all of which I’m happy to give. It’s so rewarding to see a child be happy and fulfil their learning potential, as this is the foundation to where their lives may take them.

Give details of relevant work experience with dates, including any periods spent abroad and present occupation, if any.

TEFL 2009 - I have successfully completed a Certificate in TEFL/TESOL English Teaching – it incorporated Practical Teaching Experience, Teaching Methods and Classroom Management.
Minder Finders Babysitting Agency (2009-present) – I have recently became a member of a local babysitting agency to gain more practical experience.
Engineers Week of Wonder (2009 - 1 week) - I worked with Primary/Secondary students, including special needs children, this programme aimed to encourage students to explore the world of Engineering and Science and to raise awareness about Engineering as a career.
Engineers Ireland The K'NEX Challenge – (2009 1week) - I worked with primary students programme, the aim of the programme was to open up their minds in the field of Engineering.
Substitute Primary Teaching (2008 – 4 weeks) - I have covered many class groups in this time, Junior Infants to 6th Class including special needs group, the schools I gained experience were mainly underprivileged and deprived areas.
Australia Sydney Kids club (2008 - 2 weeks) - It covered age groups 7 – 12, organising activities and events.
Comogie Team (1992 - 1998) - I was involved in regional games, Primary and Secondary School.
Music Group (1990 – 1998) I toke part in various concerts and musicals throughout Primary and Secondary School, included singing and playing the recorder – Nominated for school production "Fiddler on the Roof"