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    near you

    Meet people near you.

    I think this sentence means meet people who live near you, but then, hypothetically at least, the meeting can take place in a place not near you.

    I meet people near me at the other end of town so they can't follow me to my place.
    I meet the people who live near my home at the other end of town....

    Or the sentence might mean

    'Meet people at a place near you'
    and in this case it is possible that they don't live near you at all. The meeting takes place near you.

    I meet students near my place. In general in a café or in a library. If they want to see me, then they have to make an effort and come to a place near where I live.

    Is my analysis correct?

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    Re: near you

    Quote Originally Posted by azz View Post

    Is my analysis correct?[/COLOR]
    Unintelligible would be closer to the mark, IMHO.

    "(N)ear you" in "Meet people near you" means in the physical environment where you are living.


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