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    although, though, despite, in spite, neverthless

    Do you have an handout (pdf file) with really good and simple explanation about the difference between:

    although, though, despite, in spite, nverthless, however etc.

    I just don't get it ;)


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    Re: although, though, despite, in spite, neverthless

    First, you can separate nevertheless as, like however, it normally contrast two sentences. The others work with two parts of the same sentence.

    Although & though usually connect clauses so you need a subject and verb, but despite & in spite of are used when there's no main verb- just a noun phrase, pronoun, etc. This could include a gerund (despite feeling unwell...) a little trick much beloved of examiners. Simply checking to see a) whether it's part of a sentence or connecting two sentences and b) whether there's a verb or not will get you through many of the uses.

    Though can also come the end of the sentence, separated off by a comma with a meaning similar to 'however'.

    Although & though can be used before adjectives on their own- It was a good restaurant, though expensive.

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