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    Shark Tank?

    I saw the following line in a movie but am not sure what it means. Can any native speaker help me explain it? What is chum and what is shark tank.Thank you very much!

    Looks like we brought chum to the shark tank.

    And what does "third-wave emo punk" mean when it refers to a person, say, young man?

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    Re: Shark Tank?

    Quote Originally Posted by John Ting View Post
    What is chum and what is shark tank.

    See shark tank - Google Image Search

    See chum - definition of chum by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. (definition 2)

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    Re: Shark Tank?

    For the answer to your second question:

    Urban Dictionary: Emo Punk

    (note also first, second, and third-wave emo punk is covered)

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