Dear Cancer Monthly, LLC

As I gather my thoughts to peruse the power of Mr. John O’ Conner’s determination. Fighting Cancer can be whatever you make it, which is a choice that I choose to critique. My name is James Thaddeus Thomas and this is my opinion on Rhio’s action.
If I was given a cancer prognosis, maybe at first I would be traumatized, but I have never been the type of person to let anything put me down. In a sense I am similar to Rhio because just as he was told he only had a year to live he became self motivated to research the possibilities of his options and escaped to six years. First, I would get better details of exactly the type of cancer I have. Second, Research Cancer specialists contact them and get a educated opinion. Third, I would get diverse comments and thought from college professors and read articles of similar plights. Finally, come to my conclusion of the best option for me.
When choosing the best option I assume the worst until I analyze cause and effect to understand how and when it can help me. Upon the results I will choose the treatment that will give the biggest effort towards my health. Of course I would look beyond the common treatments unless there was a combination of some type of substance or maybe my own therapeutic protocol that would increase my immune system and save my life. There are many resources to come to a conclusion of my final decision. My advice, explore your options and FIND OUT!!!!
I will do whatever it takes to save another’s life and also mines. I am self-motivated and ready to take life to the extreme by doing my part. One of my circumstances of reason is my mother. She had Breast Cancer and its now cancer free. Thanks Mr. John O’ Conner scholarship association for inspiring me.

Sincerely, James Thomas

James Thaddeus Thomas
Americus-Sumter County High School-South Campus
805 Harrold Ave
Americus GA, 31709