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  1. tuana22

    Red face Raven Wind

    Hi, my name is Tuana from Turkey. I am currently studying on verse translation for my graduation essay. But I have a problem with one the poems I am translating. The poem belongs to Marc Beaudin and the title of the poem is "Raven Wind and Her"...
    The problem is what "raven wind" refers to.. I mean, does it have a special meaning? Is it a metaphore?? Is it a name of a place, or a bird name, or a kind of wind..??
    I know the meanings of "raven" and "wind", but what does "raven wind" mean? :S :S
    I'm so stuck, please help me.. thnxx

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    Re: Raven Wind

    Help us here.

    You have to give us more than two words. Raven is certainly a metaphor, and wind might be, too. This is not an idiom, it's poetry. So we need to see at least some of the poem.


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    Re: Raven Wind

    Perhaps the best thing to do is ask the poet: Marc (Marc Beaudin) |

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