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    get slashed

    Can someone explain to me what "get slashed" means?
    Many thanks

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    Re: get slashed

    Lots of meanings for no context;)

    A adjective
    1 slashed
    having long and narrow ornamental cuts showing an underlying fabric; "a slashed doublet"; "slashed cuffs showing the scarlet lining"

    2 cut, slashed
    (used of rates or prices) reduced usually sharply; "the slashed prices attracted buyers"

    3 cut, gashed, slashed
    wounded by cutting deeply; "got a gashed arm in a knife fight"; "had a slashed cheek from the broken glass"

    4 slashed
    patterned by having color applied with sweeping strokes; "brown iris...slashed with yellow"- Willa Cather

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    Re: get slashed

    It means "to be cut".

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    Re: get slashed

    Knowing your familiarity with English, I can only presume you are well aware of the literal meaning of 'slashed' ( and the word 'get')

    'slashed' is a word coined from the two words colloquially used to express degree of intoxication: 'sloshed' and 'smashed'.

    'get slashed" : get drunk

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