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    hello...I need help

    I want to study at Vancouver college and I have to write cover latter,but I have a problem with that.i send you my variant about that.I think that it is a simple,and I don't like it.If you can help me I will be greatful....

    Dear Mr/Ms
    I saw your advertisement for the opportunity to learn English
    at English Bay College,
    and I am interested, and I want to study at your
    college this year.
    I need to use English every day in my country, so
    I have to improve it.
    I feel that is necessary to keep my development in this direction.
    To learn at your college would be very useful for me and
    my social experience, because I will find more
    opportunity in my country, when I finish your course.
    You have a big experience with people from all over the world, so
    I think you are the right place where I will improve my English skills
    with your help.
    I welcome the opportunity to study and meet other international students.
    Also, I would be glad to meet your culture, traditions
    and your beatiful nature.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Your sincerely

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    Re: hello...I need help

    If you're applying to a language school, I'd leave your letter the way it is because it provides information for your potential teachers about areas of English you need to work on.


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    Re: hello...I need help

    I agree with MAD 1982, as it shows that you have some level of English spelling and grammer, but indicates, maybe, where you are in your progress. I would leave it as written.


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