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    Correct sentence .

    Please help me to write this in professional way with more suitable words.

    ''Its pretty strange to get impressed on a person that we never meet up right?
    Thats what we told but he said character is more important to select a right girl for him. Even i told him its not going to work out but that time he talked crap. you never promise him anything but he already dream about you though. He said you are good and at times you guys will be end up with arguments. I don't know the actual story and as you said hope he will share with me every single thing that happens in future.
    I'm sorry again because i thought you still keep in touch with him and tell you stories. ''

    Thank you and your reply will be much appreciated.

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    Re: Correct sentence .

    "It is pretty strange to beimpressed by a person we have never met." This is better.

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