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  1. Sathyaish

    Improving my English

    What must I be reading in order to improve my written english? On occassion, and my temperament willing, I do pick up the dailies. More frequently, I resort to a thorough study of word meanings from the dictionary. This happens when I come accross a word that is new to my vocabulary from a source such as television or random reading.

    So, I do read some stuff, but I am keen on speeding up my progress. What are you guys reading, never to miss a beat?

    Also, is it really important to read the newspapers? I find the language in the newspapers a bit modern for my taste, besides finding the news particularly boring and artificial. I've read Shakespeare, Dostoevsky and lots of poetry and seem to chime with the old school english. Regular attendance on online forums has rubbed off some Americanisms too, on my prose. I really want to pick up the best of both the worlds and evolve my own style.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. patton

    Re: Improving my English

    Newspaper language requires a lto of prociciency in the use of the language. that is, any language, not exclusively English. Newspaper articles have limited space, thus one must be capable of summarizing concepts and boast a vast knowledge of target words. I think it can be quite helpful to keep trying.

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