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    when we can say?

    hi, I'm a new member, I hope I will get benefite from this site, I want ask you, when we can pronounce the k and w letters? such as write is there a rule?please help me.
    Note: I'm an arabic person.

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    Re: when we can say?

    They can be silent in old Anglo-Saxon words: knee, knight.... these are words which are similar in German and Old Norse. Generally you are safe ignoring the initial k if it is not followed by a vowel.

    As to the w, use the same rule. Ignore it when it is grouped with another initial consonant: write, wrong, wrinkle, .... except if that second letter is an h followed by an i : which is pronounced the same as witch.

    Luckily it is easy to identify these Anglo-Saxon words, as most others are from French are Latin, and don't have any initial k or w, as Norman French didn't use these letters.


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