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    correct forum

    1) A man whose cat (a)_______(bite) by dog (b)______(look) for a box in which to take the cat to the vet. The only box he could find was one which (c)____(use) to store a frozen turkey. At the surgery, the vet (d)______(peer) closely at the large label on the box: "DEEP FROZEN TURKEY".
    "To be honest", he remarked, shaking his head," 'I don't think there's mush i can do about this.

    ) A man who (e)______(know) for his mean habits (f)_____(go) shopping with his wife. As his birthday (g)_____(come) soon, she (h)____(try) to buy him a card. She (i)______just____(select) one when her husband (j)______(read) the card from her hands and (k)_____(read) the inscription inside.' Thank you, dear,' he said, putting the card back on the shelves.

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    Re: correct forum

    nadu, we do not DO homework, we HELP with homework, you obviously don't see the difference;)

    Fill in the gaps yourself and the we will see if there is anything to correct.

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