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    Please may I have some examples of predicate adjectives and predicate nominatives used in sentences together.

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    Re: predicates

    Most general descriptive adjectives, as well as adjectives indicating color, can be used as predicate adjectives. In the following examples, the predicate adjectives are underlined.
    The bag is red.
    The big bear is brown.
    The brown bear was big. The horse is black.
    The streets are long and narrow.
    It is large, heavy and awkward.
    The answer is puzzling.
    These envelopes are small.
    The bucket was heavy.
    The weather will be cool and dry.
    That child is young.
    The cake is round.
    The leaves are red, yellow and orange.
    The package is small and light.
    The weather is clear, cold and dry.
    The footstool is round and black.
    The clothes were clean and dry.
    The dancers were tall, slender and graceful.
    The children are asleep.
    Our friends are here.
    Their assistant is afraid.
    Her brother is alone.
    The performers are ready.
    The bird is alive.

    A predicate nominative is a noun (naming word) or a pronoun (a word used in place of a noun) that is the same as the subject of the sentence. It explains or identifies something about the subject.
    Predicate nominative = P.N.
    Ex. Ms. Hayes is our teacher.
    The predicate nominative and the subject can be inverted and the sentence will retain its meaning. This is a way to test for the predicate nominative.
    Ex. Our teacher is Ms. Hayes.
    Predicate nominatives always follow linking verbs.

    Hope this help.


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