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    to have


    Please clarify this for me.
    when and where we use "to have"?
    I have some examples please look up and give clarification.
    I collected different sentences which contains "to have" and analyzed the sentence structures and got some idea but not very clear. please make me understand the usage of "to have" and give simple examples.

    Client agreed To have a status call on 22 September 2006 Friday 10:00
    She would like To have an interaction with our team
    I would like To have the cooperation of the entire team
    we cannot afford To have planned long vacations during this period
    Originally I planned To have this by 10 A.M
    today I am fortunate To have woken up,
    If you have low self esteem then you will tend To have a low opinion of yourself
    Madhu is fine To have an interview session at 9:30 AM on 20th October India time..
    Venkat and I would like To have the review meeting of your streams
    Is it possible for you To have a call tomorrow morning around 11.00 P.M.
    Koushik - Congratulations, this is indeed a great achievement.
    We are very proud To have you part of the team.
    so we need To have the performance test plan as the reference.
    Time To have fun again
    I talked to them both for half an hour so as To have a thorough understanding of the problem.
    I am happy To have participated in this campaign
    My suggestion would be To have the session for 2 hours a day
    Its time To have food/sleep
    Need To have..
    We need To have a live meeting
    There seems to have been an issue with the link we sent yesterday.
    I decided To have the customer check..
    What To have for lunch today?
    You must be 18 To have a driving license
    What are the only two nations To have participated at every Olympic Games
    I need To have them tested
    I'm going to the dentists To have my teeth checked
    I'm going to the dentists To have my teeth checked
    I need To have it serviced
    I'm going To have it _seen_ to.
    We need To have it rebuilt
    To have regular communication with someone by telephone
    what you need To have
    10 Conversations You Need To have with Your Children
    We need To have access for mails/folder
    He is supposed To have been rude to Mark but I don't believe it.

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    Re: to have

    This is a common past infinitive which also exists in a similar pattern in most Indian languages. Note: you should not capitalize To have in the middle of a sentence. (I know, it's Microsoft Word's fault).

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    Re: to have

    And always keep in mind that have is two words. One is a verb meaning possess. The other is a building block for participles. That's why you'll see have had and had had. It's not redundant, it's two different words.

    I think you'll find that all your examples are one or the other. The trick is learning to recognize which is which.

    (It also appears in many idioms. For instance, "I've had it!" means "I've had enough, I'm tired of this, I'm fed up, no more, enough!")


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