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    I am interested to learn and improve my English and now I am learner and I would like to know lot of unknows from you. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    please clarify this for me.

    shop is closed .... as per my knowledge...... it's passive for simple present sentence

    my question is, the scenario like this .. My father asked to me to go the shop.
    I went to the shop and I noticed that it is closed..... then Could I say........

    Dad ....... shop is closed

    grameticallly I should say that the shop has been closed ........... right.

    But most of the people say that .......... the shop is closed.
    similarly ....... my work is done

    Please make me understand.

    and correct me if i am wrong.


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    Re: Is

    In your example, 'closed' is an adjective, not a verb.

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    Re: Is

    The point is the use of 'is' versus 'has been'.
    So - we are looking at the difference between Simple Present tense, and the Present Perfect tense form.

    What do you understand about Present Perfect tense and why we use it?


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