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Thread: You're up/on

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    You're up/on

    Here is the context: a guy is about to perform with a band most likely in one of those beach clubs.

    The manager would say:

    1. YOU ARE UP! (meaning you're going up to the stage?)

    2. YOU ARE ON! (meaning this is your time, start playing?)

    Is my reasoning correct or there is a little more or less to it?

    PS: Chiefly AmE and I heard it somewhere, I could very well be wrong, so I'm not sure if these two even exist.


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    Re: You're up/on

    1. YOU ARE UP!
    You're up! : means that, in the order in which acts perform, his act is next on state. Would be said shortly before the act currently performing finished, to give them time for last minute preparations.

    You're on! : said by the stage manager as the cue to go out on stage.

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