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    Question Focused or Focussed

    I'm unsure which version should be used when, the two seem to have different meanings in the thesauraus - can anybody help?

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    Re: Focused or Focussed

    Can you put a link to the thesaurus you are using?

    According to the Cambridge dictionaries, it is only a matter of alternative spelling : Cambridge Dictionaries Online - Cambridge University Press

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    Re: Focused or Focussed

    What differing meanings are given?

    'focussed' and 'focussing' are acceptable variants of 'focused'

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    Re: Focused or Focussed

    The former is the modern American spelling, the latter the Commonwealth spelling. They don't have different meanings, as far as I know.

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    Re: Focused or Focussed

    Both are used in Britain and the Commonwealth. 'Modern American' has nothing to do with it.
    Whilst Americans (both modern and of old) have done and do butcher the language, we also have variants of our own doing.
    Future Perfect - is it focussed or focused? - grammar and communications hints and tips
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