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    please check and advise me about this essay

    Topic:should animals be the friends of people or should they be regarded as the sources of people’s food and clothes.state your position .(IELTS)

    How would be your reaction,when someone misbehave your pet? When I was a child I had a close ,dear friend a rooster ! a day my parents ,as a normal work, have it for a ceremony.This event so affected me that I become ill for a two-weeks period.While you have a survey in extensive range of animals ,might classify them as a friend,an essential part of life-cycle and a food source.

    For thousands of years,many animals have been human’s friend.Human very soon understand that could use animals for their power in carrying load and use their products for example milk .Also some animals like dog had been used to support and protection.Therefore, they struggled to domestication of animals ,and use them as friend in the life.

    Animals are an important part of life-cycle .All living creatures on the earth forming several important chain and cycle ,which starts normally ,with green plants and then with different types of animals .finally, after death their body go back to ground ,and being recycled .If we delete all or some of animals, the natural process will be deteriorated ,so the environment be under hazards.

    Some animals are main part of people’s food .Human breeding several sort of animal, artificially, for their products like wool and milk .Some mainly for their meat for instance sheep and fish .Also, there are a few animals ,like rats, that are helpful in laboratories for some tests to help coping with diseases .

    In summary ,animals in my opinion should be classified in different types .Some of them are close to us like a friend .Some are essential part of wild life and environment .Some are our food source.
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