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    At the end or In the end

    Dear all,

    hello and thanks in advance. I am studying for a college exam. However, it is more likely to be called self-education because all I do is to move slowly through the Big Books. I am not
    very sure where to find this particular information so I would like to ask what exactly was the difference between "in the end" and "at the end".
    Thank you again,
    Best Regards,
    Militsa Nedeva

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    Re: At the end or In the end

    To me, at the end is for a tangible quantity: at the end of the bridge; at the end of the show; at the end of the week; at the end of the lesson. In the end, on the other hand, is much more abstract, and works alone: In the end, meaning, some sort of divine, timeless, or unspecified ending. For example: a long comedy of many problems, and then, in the end, (metaphorically) we reach a conclusion.


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