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    hello sir,

    I am pankaj. I am a new member of this forum. English is my 2nd language so I am not very much good in this. but I have interest in writing, so I want to be good in this language. Pl guide me. I have written a few articles which require your assistance.

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    Re: hello

    HI Jack, welcome, how can we help you?

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    Re: hello

    hi .. hiedita ..

    it's nice to see your reply. I have written a article about a journey to jungle. I and my friends went there and stayed for 3 days..I need a expert who can review my article and let me know about my mistakes and also can suggest me a appropriate words if necessary. It is a long article, it took me 5 pages to complete it in ms words.

    so if you allow me, I can paste it here.

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    Re: hello

    Post your text, or paragraphs from it, in "Writing and Editing Topics".

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    Re: hello

    thanx angelika .. i will post those paragraphs over there ..

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    Re: hello

    pl edit these paragraphs ...

    SundarBan Trip

    At around 3.30 pm, two guys are walking along one of the busiest roads of Sector 5... Their destination is not far away. As usual they are heading towards the tea junction to take their daily dose of 10 Rs tea. They are not talking to each other in fact they are gazing at arbitrary things sometimes building, sometimes dog and most of the times girls. Suddenly an idea fleshes in one of guys head and a guy with an automatic spike hair asked the other guy “will you go to sundarban; we have 3 days off including a republic day.” The other guy nodded.

    Automatic spike hair guy was himanshu. And the one with nodding his head was me. Every plan starts like this. One gives the idea and others follow without hesitation. At least in our case, we have to capitalize on our 3 days off as we are already trying hard to get away of our monotones life. Once a time a great man has said “In a trip, highest level of ecstasy is directly proportional to the no. of people and the closeness among the people. “ We remind these words to ourselves and to achieve the highest level of ecstasy we decided to include others in our plan. Amit, Umesh and Arka are our obvious choice. Amit as usual doesn’t look to be in accord with us but the other two guys were like us, we all have something common. We all are ex-students of IIT Kharagpur, we all are in kolkata, we all are working in same sector 5 area and the most important we all want a break.

    Among us himanshu was a perfect planner sometimes I feel he can be good wedding planner rather than a software engineer. He has already done the calculation of our per head expenses and decided the route. Since 3 days off including republic day bewitch most of the people to spend quality time in some good place and sundarban is one the few rarest places inside west Bengal to relish them. So we have pretty decent idea that we have a very rare chance to make this trip happen. But we were determine to take our chances. Himanshu declared “It is inevitable to spend less than 3000 rs, approximately 4k per head will be the cost”. As soon as Umesh heard this he looks discordantly and in amazement towards us. At that moment we were almost sure umesh is out of our plan. The very next day in the morning, Umesh was suffering from tonsil. Without umesh, this tour couldn’t be possible we needed at least 4 guys to share our expenses. Till evening we changed our plan, trip to sundarban look shattered. We were desperate to get away from kolkata so Digha became our next destination. But if something is designed to happen, sooner or later it will happen. At late night Umesh called back and confirmed his ability to go sundarban. And then very next morning our journey has started.


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