Coming from territory of the former Yugoslavia I had an excellent opportunity to witness social, economic and territorial disintegration of my country.
I had first hand experience with changing political relations between republics of Yugoslavia and the way international relations have changed as a result. I have always been most actively interested in History and politics of the ancient world, but when this major change happened to my country I began following current world affairs as well. Since this ‘awakening’ I have been especially interested in the politics of differentiated integration in Europe(EU) and its implementation concerning Balkan states. It is a complex, challenging subject.

My aim is that through study at University Of London in Political science and international relations, I would gain clear thinking and a clear grasp of contemporary issues and ways of addressing them.
I want to learn the roles and forces governing the behavior of states; the factors that lead to military conflict or peaceful cooperation.I wish to fully grasp continuing trends toward both a more integrated and a more fragmented world and its historical evolution.
I believe that this study will give me the opportunity to achieve a framework for understanding the international aspects of a wide range of problems that our society is facing on a global scale.

I believe my career prospects will greatly increase trough this program as my ambition is to take an active and informed role in public affairs. I wish to fully understand the political systems, societies, institutions and economic systems and the way they function in a diverse and changing world.
Study of Political science and international relations will enable me to gain a fuller grasp on causes of events but also trough this study I will learn to think critically and creatively and to develop these skills for the world of work.

My previous experience of higher education was disrupted by events within Yugoslavia. I studied music at the University of Belgrade for four years but did not complete the course before coming to Britain because of the developing resentment at that time towards people who had come from Croatia.
I am now anxious to resume a higher educational course in order to widen my experience and gain a greater understanding in depth of subjects that have come to interest me deeply.

Yours Faithfully,