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    The implication of image

    Hi teachers!
    In Japan, you often see the English word "image" just below photos of many diffrenet products. The implication seems to be "the real thing can be slightly different from the photo". Is this also the case in English speaking countries? Does the word "image" have such an implication? Or does "an image" simply mean "a photo"?

    Thank you.


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    Re: The implication of image

    An image is a photo. For example if you google 'flower image' it'll come up with tons of photographs of flowers. On the other hand, an image may also be as you say, used in advertising, where they state 'the real product may be different to the image'
    I hope this helps
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    Re: The implication of image

    We also say 'picture may differ from actual product' (or vary).

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