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    Evaluation, pls. help edit to be more understandable

    Hello Teachers, each below number is a statement provided by our company to answer to,, Please help me edit to make more understandable and readable my answer indicated in letters below. Please also augment it or add to it if you see any area that should be enhanced.

    1) Accuracy in screening and assessing qualifications of candidates?

    a) made sure to delliver the complete details of the candidates to the approving principal. including their experiences...

    b) meade sure that the qualification of the endorsed canidates will really match the qualifications of the approving principal

    c) endorsed really quailified candidates that could be hired by other principal in a blink of an eye,, they could find work elsewhere

    d) endorsed applicants really exhibit interest but sometimes due to salary consideration the intereset is limited somehow

    2) Facilitation of effective and efficient service delivery resulting to customer satisfaction ?

    ba) right after every request of candidates by our principal, we look as soon as possible for applicants to endorsed resulting to some was hired and fulfilled their needs. sometimes i also feel that after we endorsed the candidates to them they would ask for referrals for the candidate for tthier other requirements because the candidate is has the database because he or she is from that field.

    b) if a candidate has a query, we will attend promtply to them resulting to them viewing our company as someone will attend to their needs thus they incraese their interest to work for us and they will refer friends or candidates from their field of experience to us..resulting to many candidates gathered in our pool.

    c) we have endorsed candidates who was really needed for our seabased and land based needs thus our principals staff present it to their boss for final approval

    3) Formulation of Ideas resulting to business development, revenue generation, cost savings or customer retention

    a) I have proposed to go to some other place outside my place of sourcing to get candidates such. due to that we have gathered quite a large pool of applicants.

    b) reall made relationship to the decision makers of of the industry we should coordinate so our vacancies would be dessinated,, resulting to many applicants starting to show interest in applying to us

    c) we have always pointed out to our applicants and clients that if they join us , the benefits that they would satnd to gain is not only money but far greater than money, we can provide stability and timely alotments, . as a result they thier interest have grown and we obviously retain their interest

    d) we have help the decision makers of the centers who provides us with candidates.. for example we help the owner of the center advertise their companies in schoolls and and work really hard help them make profit.. as a return the owners of the centers really is alos helping us gather candidates that they help us with.

    e) We have sought help from the department heads of schoold to help us in our recruitment. because of our sincerity and pr, we are able to get commitment to them that they will help us or will provide us a pipeline of afresh graduates,,t though it's not yet written balck and white.

    f) we make sure that all the presentations that we made we in a center, we do not only include our seabased requirements but also our landbase resulting to applicants interested to apply for both. we also make sure to include marketing our company and how good it is and how stable it is and how we take care of our employees resulting to them seeing us a really good company

    4) Performance of work within the standards or the Quality Information System and the Information Security System.

    a) we have always maintained to obey our guidlines and not the other way around

    b) we have always challenged ourselves to become a model in our company and adhere to to its principles and policies.

    5) Maintenance of harmonious and professional working relationship with collegues

    a) we always respect our collegues

    b) if i plan to be assertive, i always assume that i might be wrong.. always aking my colleugues of what they think

    c) i alwyas believe in teamwork. Once candidate is in the office and im not around..i always ask favor from my officemate in a respectful manner saying please to attend the candidate so they will feel warm..and then i always thank them for helping me

    d) i always do what is commanded of me by my boss. if i dont like his opinion i air my opinion but if what he wants to be done is his opinion i always go for his opinion

    6) Demonstration of unquestionable of unquestionable integrity and honesty in all dealings with both internal and external customers and partners

    a) I always work a full days job even without boss supervision here in the work place even going the extra mile in doing my job on weekends and doing my job even it's already night

    b) when an applicant ask a question i do not know and assure him ill get back to his questions after taking up with the principal, i always get back to the applicant with the answer

    c) Once a candidate is accepted, im truly happy for the candidate and the principal. i will never ask favor from candidate

    d) once i say in my weekly plan that ill source for candidates with the best of my ability. ireally would go out and hunt every nook and cranny just to get candidates

    Hoping for your hell

    Thanks so much

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    Re: Evaluation, pls. help edit to be more understandable

    Dear Teachers,

    I would appreciate it greatly if you could help me.. this is for my performance review..

    Thanks so much,

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    Re: Evaluation, pls. help edit my english to be more understandable

    pleaaaasssssseeee,,thanks o much

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    Re: Evaluation, pls. help edit to be more understandable

    anyone, pls. help

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