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Thread: about Hang Up

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    about Hang Up


    My name is Tuba, I came across with this web page accidentially but I found it very useful. Thank you for it, firstly.

    I am a foreigner who tries to learn Eng. I request you to give an example how I can use "hang up" for phone convesation plus you correct my sentence for it.
    Again thank you for your timing and patience for my Eng.

    Tuba Erkilic

    My example: " I newly hang up on my mom. " I want to say with this sentence that I newly close the phone conversation with my mom.

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    Re: about Hang Up

    Mr. Erkilic:
    You can say:
    "I was just on the phone with my mother"
    or " I was talking with my mother on the phone and I just hung up."

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    Re: about Hang Up

    "I just hung up on my mom" means I disconnected the telephone perhaps to be funny or mean. "I just spoke with my mom on the phone" means the conversation ended normally.

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