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    giving directions

    I was wondering how you can give your address to a someone, what prepositions you use if you were going to give him the street name and the city.
    Thank you in advance for your help

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    Re: giving directions

    "Let me give you my address: it is Flat 12B, Overseas Mansions, Knightsbridge, London SW.... To find it, you walk towards Harrods from Hyde Park Corner to where the road forks. Take the right fork, and Overseas Mansions is a block further on your left. Ring my doorbell and I will buzz you up.""

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    giving directions

    It is silly, but suppose you are going to give someone your home address. How would you give complete address; the name of the streets and the city.

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    Re: giving directions

    Mr. John Jones
    123 Main Street, Apt. 401
    Smallsville, Ohio

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