please correct this ?

day 2

A man in white kurta pajama is walking calmly in a road. Tree around the road is fluttering. As he is going along the road, it appears that the trees are getting bigger and bigger and all of a sudden he finds himself in middle of a jungle. Before he realizes the situation, a loud clanging noise put up his ear on alarm. His eyebrow raise and he sees that someone is behind the bush... Visualization of getting hunt by dangerous carnivores made his pant wet, a drop of sweat is falling down from his forehead, and he is out of breadth and trembling with fright. On the spur of the moment a spear-tooth came out of the bush, but before the death show begins, he realizes that the ground is swaying and a loud harsh noise is coming and at the same time, spear-tooth disappears. Being irritated by this noise of engine, I came out of bed and I realize that was a dream, I said to myself “what was that? One more weird dream.” I look up for others and find that arka and himanshu are sleeping together in a one bed, I was wondering, in the night, himanshu and I were sleeping in a same bed and now the equation has changed, how ?? One should not think in a “Dostana” way… If one of the four beds doesn’t have a bed sheet and the entire luggage have put up on that bed only, then one has to accommodate with someone else, among us only Himanshu was able to accommodate with anyone because of his thin figue, he doesn’t need a much space. I look for umesh and he seems to be compatible with engine noise. I thought “ghode bech kar sona shayed isse hi kahte hai”

We wake up at 7 am, I felt like I won a medal in the race. Back in saltlake, I and amit always struggle to wake up early, if someday we wake up before 9 am, we do have a reason to celebrate. Back in real time I see out of window scuttle and a hazy boat is visible, fog has decreased the visibility mist. Arka has already taken out his digi cam and taking snaps of this beautiful morning. We went out to village to have breakfast. But before that there was problem with toilet. As the boat has halted in shallow water through mooring ropes, the shallow water near the shore is always muddy and dirty. We cannot use this water for sewage system. So we all were waiting for the boat to run. The boatman declared that we have to wait a little longer, let the fog go away. Around 9.30 am our journey to sundarban begun. We were heading towards Sonakhali