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    'one to one' or 'one too one' that is the question?

    Please can someone clear up whether I should be using 'one to one' or 'one too one' in regard with 'one to/too one' personal training.'

    From what I've seen most people use 'one to one' but my feeling is 'one too one' may be correct English.

    Anyway, I bow at your English supremacy and wait to hear.

    Many thanks. I love the internet for this sort of thing it's just great!



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    Re: 'one to one' or 'one too one' that is the question?

    'one' person engaging with/relating solely to 'one' other person - 'one to one'.

    'too' is an adverb and cannot act as a prepostion governing the second 'one'...and what would 'too' actually mean in an expression 'one too one':
    'one as well as one'? Wouldn't we say, 'we'll both engage in personal training"? (which is not the specific meaning of 'one to one', in the same way as 'one on one' has its own specific meaning.)

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