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    Which one is correct?

    1. I guess he won't come.
    2. I don't guess he will come.

    Best regards...

  1. AintFoolin

    Re: guess...

    1 is correct
    2 is only correct in the very deep south, except you would use 'reckon' instead of 'guess' and 'he's gonna' for 'he will'

    cliff notes: 1 is correct, 2 is incorrect

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    Re: guess...

    Thanks for your answer...

    I have an additional question about it.

    I. I don't think you will come.
    I don't believe he did it.

    II. I hope it will not rain.
    I guess he won't come.

    Why don't the second setences have negation type such "I don't hope~~, I don't guess~~" as the first sentences?

    Best regards...

  2. AintFoolin

    Re: guess...

    good question, haven't the foggiest idea

    for the first two sentences, the other form is ok
    'I think you won't come'
    'I believe he didn't do it'

    but yeah, you can't change the format of the second group of sentences

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