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    Informal Letter-Need help


    You have been working as an au pair boy with a family abroad.
    Write a letter to an English-spekaing friend telling them about the family you are staying with and what work you are doing.

    Please help.Thanks

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    Re: Informal Letter-Need help

    Welcome to the forums. Write what you would say, and post it here for comments.

    We do not do assignments but are prepared to offer advice and comment on work done.

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    Re: Informal Letter-Need help

    Dear Friend,

    Many thanks for your letter.I‘m sorry I haven‘ t written for so long, but I‘ve been very busy because I have lot of work.

    The family in which I live is very kind and friendly .Parents have one son and one daughter. Son Peter is 9 years old and he visited regulary primary school and he likes playing with toys.Daughter Lucy is 15 yeras old and she study at secondary school when she has perfects marks.She likes going out with her friends. Head of the family is Johnny.He is 40 years old and his job is manager so he doesn‘t have enough time for childern.Name of his wife is Christina.She is pretty and she works as a clerk and deals with licences for business people.

    I work in this family as an au pair boy and my duty is work for family an domestic chores and child-care.I help with general housework(simple cooking,hoovering,dusting) and young children.
    I have own room with Tv inside the host family.I have pocket Money per week according to duties.
    In my free time I visit monument because I like history.This postion of living in foregin country help me to improve my English.

    Anyway I’d better go now as I want to catch the post.
    Do write again soon.
    Lots of love

    Please check.Thanks

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