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    Smile Gerund vs infinitive


    I am studying English in a british language school, but my English is not so good. I've some problems with Gerund and Infinitive. Cannot understand when you use Gerund or Infinitive after the following words: try, like (love, hate), remember, mean, go on.
    Can you explane to me please?
    Thank you in advance
    Dora Klepeisz

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    Re: Gerund vs infinitive

    (Not a teacher)
    try to:attempting something difficult;
    - I try to change the stubborn attitude of my grandpa.
    try +-ing:performing an experiment to see if something works.
    - He tries sending flowers to her to see if she accepts his courtship.

    go on to:a change to a new activity
    - She goes on to talk about her financial problems (after talking about, say, her marital status, she turns to another topic ).
    go on +ing:To express a continuation of an activity
    - She goes on talking about her misfortune during the trip for half an hour.

    mean to do something: intend to do something
    - She really meant to come.
    mean doing something: symbolise, imply
    - (In a yacht competition) Hey guys! When the siren blows, this means setting out at once.

    remember to:to talk about things people are supposed to do in the near future
    - Please remember to close all windows before you go.
    remember +-ing:to talk about things people did in the past
    I remember closing all the windows before I went last night.

    love, like, hate to/+ing: no much difference in meaning in using infinitive or gerund
    Do you love/like/hate dancing/to dance?
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