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    Red face what is that mean ?!

    Too good to be true

    when i was looking for the meaning, i saw this
    "Too good to be true" basically means what it says - that something is so wonderful, there's no way it could be real. People say this to mean when they are extremely happy about something, but don't want to believe it in case it's not true, because it will let them down.
    but still misunderstand it

    could anyone explain it to me please =)

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    Re: what is that mean ?!

    up ^^

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    Re: what is that mean ?!

    Too good to be true: something is so good that it seems unreal.
    For example: The salary of my new job is too good to be true.

    It means you are paid big money to do your job, actually the money is unbelievable(very much) .Sometimes it suggests something sneaky behind the good luck. The job may entail high risk to your safety or other unwanted aspects that you may not have been informed about till you are employed.

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    Re: what is that mean ?!


    Thank you so much .. now it's clear ^__^


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