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    in which

    "In 1936, Wyler directed These Three, an earlier film version of Hellman's play, in which the scandal was portrayed as a heterosexual love triangle, presumably more palatable to audiences of the time."
    What I want to ask is can the "in" in front of the"which" also be put after "portrayed"?
    And I also have a problem that sometimes the preposition is put confusingly in front of "which".Can teachers explain this with some examples?Thank you.

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    Re: in which

    Because of the length and complexity of the dependent clause in this sentence, there is no place to put the 'in' except in its formal position before the relative pronoun.

    In simpler structures, the preposition is often placed at the end of the clause, though it is still frowned upon in that position for formal writing.

    This is the room in which I study necromancy. (formal)
    This is the room (that) I study necromancy in. (informal)

    I invented the material out of which they made Gumby. (formal)
    I invented the material which they made Gumby out of. (informal)

    The President about whom I am writing is Benjamin Harrison. (formal)
    The President who I am writing about is Benjamin Harrison. (informal)


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