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    get damiottance to a hospital

    Hi svartnik,
    Originally Posted by Unregistered
    He wanted to check in because she was hit by a car.
    What does "check in" mean in the context?
    Thanks in advance.

    get admittance to a hospital

    Could you explain what it means by "get admittance to a hospital"?
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: get damiottance to a hospital

    When you go to a hospital, you might either be treated on the spot (in the emergency room, for example) and then released (sent home), or you might be admitted or "checked in," that is, assigned to a bed in a room where you will spend at least one day/night.

    If you have a broken leg, chances are when you go to the hospital they'll take X-rays, set the bone, apply a cast, give you some prescriptions (pain medications, antibiotics for infection) and then send you home. This is often referred to as "out patient" treatment. If you've been in a serious accident and have multiple broken bones, you'll be "admitted" to the hospital. You will be checked into a hospital room and given many different tests (they'll check for internal injuries, concussion, etc) while your injuries are treated. You may end up spending several days in the hospital before you are released.

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