I am a student to become an English teacher as a second Language at Laval University in Quebec City.

We have a class on how to teach culture in a second language classroom. Here in Quebec, it is important to teach culture in school and I think that to teach culture in a language class is very important and linked together.

I think that language and culture go together because one can learn a language perfectly in his/her country and then travel to the country where the language is spoken and not be able to communicate with most of the people because he or she does not know how to communicate with native speakers.

There are many examples supporting that fact. I know someone who moved from France to Quebec last June. When he arrived in Quebec, he had a hard time understanding what us, Quebecers, were saying because of the way we talk, because of our dialect. The man I am talking about knows how to speak French, in fact, it is his first language. Now he got used to our dialect and can easily communication with everyone, but for him, it was hard to overcome this cultural difference between two very different languages (especially when he thought that they were the same, or close)

If the man I am talking about would have made some research about the French spoken in Quebec, he would have been aware of the differences and would have been more prepared.

Do you think that culture goes with language? How would you teach culture in link with the target language?