Can you help me to correct my CV, please
With regard to your advertisement in BestJobs, I would like to apply for the position
of “Customer Account Administrator – Swedish Speaker”.
I have recently graduated from the Faculty of “Computer and System Sciences” in
Stockholm and I have a hobby for computers, Swedish language and culture as well
as the complex field of communication.
I have lived in Sweden for 18 years where I attended the elementary school until I
graduated from the faculty. During all these years, I have acquired and improved
communication skills in Swedish language at “native speaker” level. I am familiar
also with various dialect variants and with the “Swedish computer end-user
terminology”, from novice to higher education level.
What makes me consider I am the ideal candidate for your position is the
combination of my skills and training in the field of Swedish language, computers
and communications with the job requirements.
I also consider myself to be among the most motivated candidates having in view
the fact that this position offers me a unique chance to put forward my competency
related to Swedish language in order to be a real resource in facilitating the
interaction between the company and the Swedish clients, partners and employees.
Four years after I graduated from the Faculty of “Computer and System Sciences” I
have attended an improvement course of one year in computer networks. During
this time I have obtained the CCNA 1 certificate from Cisco.
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[ IONESCU, Andrei-Alexandru ]
At the faculty I have trained in the following main fields:
- Hardware [Internal construction, PC installation and repair, printers, storing
- Computer networks [network design; TCP/IP, dhcp, dns; net analysis; router,
switch, LAN, WAN etc.]
- IT systems [relational databases – SQL, enterprise modelling, integration,
- Mathematics; Statistics; Logics
- Software Engineering [Java, C, C++, PHP]
I consider that I have the capacity to work both in a team and independent
emphasizing the efficiency of communication, both internal and external, with the
company clients. I also consider that I have the ability to transmit, in an optimum
manner and in point, from the knowledge acquired. I have obtained this ability
during the faculty offering assistance to my colleagues in programming problems.
Actually, in total 3 months per semester assisting approximately 20-30 students.
I have the necessary forces and possibilities to dedicate myself full-time, and even
more, to a motivating work – as it can improve my professional skill for the benefit of
a company well-known worldwide.
In case you find me to be a suitable candidate for employment, I am available to
appear for a discussion where I could have the possibility to present myself in a
more detailed manner and in the same time to find out more about the activity of
your company.
I am also available to have a Swedish language test at the highest level.
Thank you in advance for your attention.
Sincerely yours,