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    Question another quick help

    I think I've heard this somewhere, but I'm not sure if it's correct:

    "(something)... is too stronger word."

    Thank you.

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    Re: another quick help

    "(something)... is too stronger word."
    Hi Ceit,

    I'm afraid you simply misheard this...which is very understandable in this case. The expression, which is a fairly common one, is this:

    • st is too strong a word

    This means that the word in question is, well, too strong. It's saying that the word in question overstates something, or is a bit "over the top" in some way. For example:

    A: Tom and Sue have only been married for six months, but I hear they fight all the time and are really miserable.
    B: Well, they do argue at times, but I'd say miserable is too strong a word. However, they do seem to be having some difficulties adjusting to married life.

    Incidentally, a similar phrase that has essentially the opposite meaning is:

    • st is too good a word

    Now, you're saying that the word in question overstates how good or positive something is. It's normally used in a highly negative or critical way, when you want to really emphasize how bad something is. It's frequently used after an already negative characterization that the speaker feels just isn't negative enough. For example:

    A: My boss
    made me work overtime every single day last week, and then today he deducted half a day's pay from my salary just because I was five minutes late! I can't believe that guy...what a jerk!
    B: Jerk is too good a word!

    Hope this helps.


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    Smile Re: another quick help

    Thanks a lot...

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