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    HELP!! How do I use the word "exaggerate"?


    I've been told a couple of times that I'm speaking incorrect english when I use the word "exaggerate".

    For example I said: Don't exaggerate the portions!

    and i was told that I shouldn't use that word because it's not correct english.
    I should say, "Don't over do it on the portions."

    Is this correct, am I using the word exaggerate incorrectly?


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    Re: HELP!! How do I use the word "exaggerate"?

    When we exaggerate we stretch the truth. For example "I've done that a million times" would be an exaggeration. (Of course, if the person really has done it a million times it wouldn't be an exaggeration.)

    Here's another: "He's a strong as a bull." (He's strong, but he's not really as strong as a bull.) And another: "I could eat a horse."

    Such phrases are quite common.

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    Re: HELP!! How do I use the word "exaggerate"?

    Some-one says "I have done that thousands of times" such as read a particular book, then you could say "Don't exaggerate, you have only read it four times".

    Oh, I'm so tired, I can sleep for two days. Don't exaggeerate.

    If you are talking about giving too much food for portions, then you should say," That's too much, don't over do it."

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