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    Question Question about form and use of adjectives

    Hello: I would greatly appreciate help with this. My exercise is as follows:

    Identify and explain any mistakes in the form and use of adjectives:

    "I wear make up with lips brightly reds and I am usually a character with passionately."

    "I am tall one metre thirty nine and I have blonds, longs hairs, blues eyes and a nose little and crooked."

    I know these are wrong and could change them to make them sound right but I am supposed to focus on the adjectives. Could someone tell me why they are wrong and please explain what the mistakes are?

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    Re: Question about form and use of adjectives

    Hi rubyslippers

    What are your answers?

    1. adjectives don't take number or tense markers.
    2. some adjectives take -ly, but most do not.
    3. most adjectives go before the noun they modify.


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