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Thread: Need help!

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    Need help!

    Hello, so I need help identifing: an absolute phrase, infinitive phrase, gerund phrase, participial phrase, adfective clause, noun clause, adverb clause, adn prepositonal pharse out of this sentences!

    "The lobster having lost his lollipop in jamaica, the jellyfish, who was timorous, decided to depart because, having experinced the lobster's wrath, he knew that remaining there would be dangerous."

    I believe the Prepositional Phrase in "in Jamaica," and that the adjective clause is "who was timorous," but need help with the rest.

    I am a biology major and my friend is a English major and out of fun he asked me to figure it out but my time is up and i still can't yet he won't enlighten me with the answer so i'm turning to you for help!!


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    Re: Need help!

    The lobster having lost his lollipop in Jamaica
    - absolute phrase

    to depart
    - infinitive (phrase)

    remaining there

    - gerund phrase

    having experienced the lobster's wrath
    - participial phrase

    that remaining there would be dangerous
    - noun (a.k.a. nominal) clause

    because...he knew (that remaining there would be dangerous)
    - adverbial clause

    in Jamaica
    - prepositional phrase


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