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    Question [modern slang] "Up" as a verb/name for a game

    Hi, 1st post here..

    I came up with an idea to a silly little online game where sportsfans compete against each other - representing their sportsteam. NFL-team, Soccer-team, whatever. I'm in need of a title for the game and I have the following in mind.

    Whenever a competitor makes a move in the game - he is bringing his team closer to the top in the overall standing.
    So i thought of "up my team" or perhaps "up your team".

    The verb 'up' is known form online forums, where you "up" a post if you answer it. sometimes community contributors answers a post for the only purpose of bringing the original post to the top - and therefore write "up" as a reply. ( and nothing else)

    In my gameplay, the fans who does the most upping keeps their team in first position.

    Can anyone tell me if "Up My Team" makes sense in modern english language?
    And is it usable in both UK and US?

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    Re: [modern slang] "Up" as a verb/name for a game

    I'm afraid you'll have an unintended association with this.

    "Up yours!" is a fairly common, albeit vulgar, way to express your disapproval/dislike for someone. "Shove it up your ... [rude word]" is the version that leaves nothing to the imagination.

    A more humorous version from the 70s was "Up your nose with a rubber hose."

    However, if I read "Up your team" I'd be thinking "Up my team's WHAT?" What are you shoving up someone's... uh... are you understanding what I'm trying to say?

    You need to find another word than "Up" if you want this to work for American audiences.

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    Re: [modern slang] "Up" as a verb/name for a game

    Thank you

    Actually I had 'Up Yours' in mind and was hoping to hit a (close-to) double meaning. Im proud to 'Up my own team' and the rest.... well, shove it....

    Disaproval and dislike sort of go hand in hand with fans of opposite sides in sports - so the game title may very well have kling of hate to other teams and proudness to 'my' team..

    So if I ad to my initial question; can someone come up with a name that has a build-in-twist in this direction.

    "My team is better than yours". is the theme...

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